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eimermacher's Horse Balm body lotion

Now available - eimermacher's authentic Horse Balm as body lotion.

eimermacher's authentic Horse Balm body lotion is a unique combination of nourishing and freshening properties. This body lotion strengthens stressed and care-intensive skin and keeps it supple - the horse balm complex for fitness and flexibility.

The rich lotion provides moisture, restores the skin's elasticity and makes it more resilient. This vitalising body care product contains natural and proven ingredients of authentic horse balm such as camphor, rosemary, arnica and horse chestnut. It is pleasantly cooling and revitalises.

eimermacher's authentic Horse Balm body lotion provides nourishment and ensures freshness and vitality.

dermatest® very good – kind to the skin, absorbed quickly, non-stick


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